Waynesville NC

Who We Are & Why We Do It

I wanted to write about who we are and why we do what we do, basically our DNA here at Sky Studios WNC. We are a locally owned recording - music studio in the Asheville, NC area. Our passion is making great quality music at an affordable price. We aspire to be the top recording studio in Asheville NC and don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity of price. We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail and want to be an asset to the artist while bringing their project to life. Unlike many other recording studios we record in sections and have the artist sign off on each part of their project. This allows the artist to have full creative control over their project and ideas. It takes a little more time but it leaves endless creative possibilities. Music is a process and creativeness doesn't all come in one day. To track everything in one day really hinders the creativeness of everyone involved, from the artist all the way down to the producer and engineers. We strive to be on the side of the artist and not money. We believe in our artist and only want to add to their success and careers.

Why do we take this approach? Well…. when I was young in the music industry I got totally burned by a big studio for thousands of dollars and never want any artist to have to go through that. We know how hard musicians/artist/bands work and how their music is apart of who they are. It is not fair to sell them a lie take their money and forget about them after the final payment. For this reason we started Sky Studios WNC.

On the next blog I want to share a little bit about me personally and how I got here. I will also share our goals, dreams and aspirations, not only for our studio but for our artist.

Blessings, Brian (Owner, Musician, Engineer and Producer)