Making of Beautiful Surrender

We had so much fun bringing Dakota Blakely’s song Beautiful Surrender to life at Sky Studios WNC. Sky Studios serves Asheville NC and all the surrounding areas. Dakota is an Asheville based christian artist and worship leader. He was formerly a worship pastor at The Rock Church in Asheville NC. To bring his project to life we used all kinds of amazing gear and goodies. We started with vintage Gretsch drums that brought a larger than life sound. Then we laid down the bass tracks with a Fender run through an Ampeg bass rig. The guitars were tracked with a Telecaster and Kemper rig. Acoustic guitars were tracked with a Taylor and multiple AKG mics. The finishing touches were the keys and vocals. After layering multiple key tracks it really brought the whole mix together and made it pop. Vocals were the final stage and we had so much fun with them in the studio. Tacking was done on an Avatone C12 and sounded amazing. We pride ourselves on great gear and amazing tone. This is done through Protools 12, Universal Audio and a bunch of amazing plugins. We have Neve preamps, Neve Channel Strips, API Channel Strips, Universal Audio preamp and much more. We were so honored to work with Dakota and look forward to finishing the rest of his album this year.